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MixEffect Labs

MixEffect Labs is the official site for the MixEffect community. Free articles and resources help you get up-to-speed using MixEffect in your video productions.

Become a member of MixEffect Labs to get access to exclusive articles, videos, training sessions, beta releases of MixEffect, and technical support office hours.


The MixEffect User Group on Facebook is a great way to meet other people who are using MixEffect Pro. Join this group if you want to talk solely about MixEffect Pro and not just about Blackmagic or ATEM switchers.


The MixEffect playlist on YouTube has a lot of how-to and setup videos for getting the most out of MixEffect Pro. Subscribe to get notified when a new video is published!


Follow @MixEffectApp on Twitter for news, tips and short videos on how to get the most out of MixEffect Pro.


If you primarily use Reddit, you can post in the (currently) low-trafficked /r/MixEffect subreddit.